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Products and Services

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional association made up of more than 250,000 individual members in over 140 countries, and has a network of more than 575 affiliated chapters in the United States, as well as offices in China and India.


Our products and services help to make the lives of our members run more efficiently.  


Here’s an overview of the products and services we offer our members:


CONFERENCES:  Enhance your professional development by attending one or more of our conferences.  Learn the latest strategies, acquire tools and data-driven resources, and gain access to the best minds in HR.  To learn more about our conferences (Staffing Management, Global, Diversity, Strategy, Legislative, or Annual), please visit our website (conferences).


PUBLICATIONS:  As a member, you would have access to SHRM’s award-winning publications, such as HR Magazine, HR Week, Staffing Management magazine, Workplace Visions, SHRM Legal Report and many e-newsletters (publications).


NETWORKING:  SHRM encourages networking among its members and provides resources and professional development opportunities by specific HR disciplines.  You can join a SHRM local chapter that will enable you to network with other professionals in your area (SHRM Chapters).


HR TOOLS, TEMPLATES AND RESOURCES:  As a member, you will be able to download sample forms, policies, job descriptions and RFPs, as well as spreadsheet templates to calculate and compile HR metrics and other business reports.  Members have access to white papers, toolkits, salary survey lists and more.


HR KNOWLEDGE CENTER:    Whether you need clarification on new regulations or have general questions on topics ranging from the Fair Labor Standards Act, employee relations or compensation, then call one of our professional HR Knowledge Advisors who will respond by phone, e-mail, or instant messaging.


COMPENSATION DATA CENTER:  In collaboration with Watson Wyatt Data Services, we are able to produce customized reports.   We can also provide compensation data packages for job positions covering a variety of industries, job families and functional areas. 


SHRM RESEARCH:  SHRM generates and publishes a variety of original cutting-edge research on employee benefits, job satisfaction, human capital, succession planning, talent management, socially responsible workplaces, diversity, competitive practices, retirement and welfare. 


SHRM EDUCATION:   We offer many in-person, online or self-study courses that focus on emerging issues and conventional strategies that impact the HR profession and your workplace.  We offer training in diversity, executive education, HR essentials, business education, the SHRM Learning System and more.   To learn more about our training programs, please visit (education).


HR JOBS:   SHRM’s HR Jobs is the single best online location for HR recruiters to post jobs and for HR job seekers to find them (view hr jobs here).


To learn more about our member benefits, please visit SHRM Membership.