A Commitment to Inclusion
A Commitment to Inclusion

The Society for Human Resource Management is committed to fostering and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace that honors all the unique gifts that our employees have to offer and ensures equal access to opportunities, resources and career opportunities for all who work with us.  We recognize that a commitment to diversity and inclusion not only makes for a happier and more engaged workforce, but allows us to provide innovative thinking, culturally competent products and superior service to our diverse membership.

When you visit SHRM’s corporate offices in Alexandria, Virginia, you’ll notice the visible diversity of our staff, which exists at every level of the organization, from the Executive Team to our Individual Contributors.  What you’ll soon learn is that we also value less visible forms of diversity.  In our most recent employee engagement survey,  88% felt that SHRM is an employer committed to diversity.

SHRM’s Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) is a group of employees from every department in SHRM who work to provide continuous learning opportunities in the area of diversity and inclusion.  In recent years, employees have had the opportunity to attend DAC-sponsored seminars on cutting-edge issues such as religious diversity, LGBT issues, and generations at work.  Also, SHRM’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives offers regular learning events for all staff, at all levels of the organization.

To learn more about the work SHRM is conducting in the diversity space, visit our diversity site.

The Society for Human Resource Management is an Equal Opportunity Employer – M/F/D/V